You are just moments away from becoming  a contestant in the Miss Washington County Scholarship Program. We are excited to share our passion for scholarships for young women, and look forward to getting to know you as we help you achieve your personal best over the next several weeks.

We will be hosting workshops designed to hone your interview, talent, stage presence and social skills.

Workshops will be every Sunday evening, starting with an optional meeting on February 4th, and continuing with mandatory workshops each Sunday Evening from 6-9pm. Most meetings will be held at the Beaverton Jazzercise Center, located at 10089 SW Nimbus Ave, in Beaverton.

Our gatherings will be equal parts work and fun, and we are dedicated to doing all we can to help you achieve your personal best, whether you take home a crown or not. It really is more than a crown.

Each contestant competing at the state and local level will be required to submit a platform and resume sheet for the judges, as well as some other supplementary paperwork. Please complete all paperwork ASAP. Notarized contract must be signed before attending any workshops or rehearsals.

Private Interview = 25% of overall Score

Private Interview Competition Format 

  • Contestant will use a podium to respond to questions
  • Interview time is a total of ten (10) minutes, if the optional 30 second close is utilized by the contestant
  • Interview begins immediately without discussion.
  • Interview continues until the 9:30 timing mark.
  • Optional Statement – thirty (30) seconds are allotted prior to the close of the Private Interview – Contestant may use this opportunity to make a 30 second closing statement, it is her choice .
  • There is no penalty if the contestant does not exercise the closing statement option
  • Upload your resume below.


Miss Washington County contestants are required to select a platform that has relevance in her community or society at large and about which she deeply cares. She should research this subject and seek out at least one community service project and one not for profit organization with whom she could work to address or make an impact on this issue. She will write a one-page essay about this issue, the reason she chose it, how she has been involved in making an impact on the issue and how this has changed or improved her community. The essay must be typed and will be included in the Judges’ Books.

Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit Competition = 10% of overall score

Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit Competition

  •  Demonstrates contestant’s ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and physical fitness.
  • The contestant’s sense of confidence, attractiveness and presence must be considered Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit Scoring Criteria
  • Overall “First Impression”
  • Attractiveness and Presence
  • Lifestyle statement of strong physical health – is the contestant physically fit?
  • Walk, Posture, Carriage and Grace
  • Sense of Confidence and Composure
  • Displays Energy, Charisma and Expression

Evening Wear = 15% of overall score

Evening Wear Competition

  • Designed for the contestant to make an on-stage statement of her compelling charm, presence and personality
  • The contestant’s beauty, sense of style, composure and allure must be projected across the footlights.
  • Does she capture your attention just by walking onto the stage?
  • Consider the contestant’s total look.
  • The actual Evening Wear – not its value – should complement the contestant

On Stage Question = 20% of overall score

On-Stage Question 

  • Demonstrates contestant’s ability to project her interests, opinions and aspirations
  •  The contestant is being judged on her answers to the questions only
  •  You are not judging if her answer matches your point of view
  • One question is asked of the contestant
  • The on-stage questions must be topically relevant and equally difficult selected at random – these cannot be platform questions

On-Stage Question Scoring Criteria

  • Overall “First Impression”
  • Does the contestant possess the charisma and stage presence to be a spokeswoman for the state/local organization?
  • Did the contestant answer the question in the context in which it was asked?
  • Is the contestant able to handle the pressure of being questioned and responding in front of an audience?
  • Did the contestant display a commanding presence?
  • Did she make the audience want to listen to her?
  • Will her peers view her as a role model who is reflective of today’s generation?

Talent = 30% of overall score

Talent Competition

  • The Talent Competition is an insight into the contestant’s preparatory and performance skills
  • The Talent Competition acknowledges the quality of the performance, technical skill level, stage presence and the interest and entertainment value
  • Each talent routine shall not exceed 90 seconds in length, excluding the emcee’s introduction

Talent Scoring Criteria

  • Selection and Performance – Distinguishes personality and skill
  • Interpretive Ability/Technical Skill Level – Execution, Technique, Synchronization and Control
  • Stage Presence – On-Stage Personality
  • Total of all Elements – Including Costume, Props, Music, Voice, Use of the Body and Choreography

Production Form A: Talent Clearance

    Please fill out this form completely in order to clear your talent. In the case of duplicate talents, Miss Washington County Pageant Contestants will be given first priority. In the event that two OT contestants submit the same music request, the contestant who requests the talent first will have priority.

    Full title of music you will use for your talent

    Full Name of Composer

    You will be notified ASAP if the music selection you are requesting is available or if it has already been reserved by another contestant. Contestants cannot reserve more than one selection per contestant and cannot place selections on hold. The original master recording is permitted for use without any alteration. Because alterations are not permitted to the master recording, karaoke versions are acceptable. However, a karaoke version cannot include mash-ups or any portion of an original master CD. To clarify, mash-ups, modified tracks with additional instruments or vocals from, or added to the original master CD are not permitted. Once you receive confirmation that your music selection is available, you can begin the recording of your accompaniment CDs.