Miss Washington County 2004 Taryn Allen (Stastny)

Director: Linda Koch

College: Portland State University

Degree: Arts and Letters, minor in Writing

When Taryn earned the title of Miss Washington County, she was supporting herself through school and, as she says, barely had enough money for top ramen let alone a pageant wardrobe. Her local pageant directors pulled together community sponsors that supporter the rental of a wardrobe for her participation at the Miss Oregon Scholarship Program. Taryn remembers feeling overwhelmed with gratitude that her new pageant family cared so much. She is grateful to her directors, all unpaid volunteers, for their efforts to help a financially-strapped, lonely college student achieve her dreams.

Taryn’s husband Mike, her boyfriend at the time, was also embraced by the pageant volunteers and was much enjoyed in his role as “Miss Washington County’s Unofficial Bodyguard,” accompanying Taryn on appearances. Taryn and Mike recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary