It’s time to start focusing on what you are going to wear for competition, and the best sources for finding wardrobe pieces.

Chances are, your wardrobe not in a store, but in a closet somewhere.

First things first, we feel strongly that you should not spend a lot of money on your wardrobe. The best formula for wardrobe on any level is this: What is the largest scholarship offered? Keep this in mind if you are actually competing for scholarship dollars, and know that there are many ways to obtain a wardrobe economically.


Here are the things you are going to need for competition:



Miss Contestants – Business attire. Skirt, dress or pants

Teen Contestants – Dress or pants, but NOT A SUIT.

Miss America 2005 Kira Kazantstev kept only the shoes between Miss New York and Miss America.

Opening Number:

Miss Contestants in Little Black Dress

  • Teen Contestants in black capri yoga pants or athleticwear. Top of choice, tennis shoes and satin bomber jacket.

Physical Fitness wear:

Miss Contestants in 2 piece swimwear of choice.

Teen Contestants in opening number minus jacket.


Anything goes! But have it approved through Renee 🙂

Miss America 2002 Katie Harmon

Evening Wear:

Formal dress of choice.

Miss Oregon 2016 Alexis Mather in her Miss America Evening gown.

Feeling stressed? Don’t worry, you got this, and we can help.

Idea #1: Figure out what you have already that you can use

The good news is that you probably have some of these elements in your closet already.   Yoga pants.  The dress you wore to the Homecoming or Prom.  The outfit you wore to church.  Your graduation dress.  You have it; you love it; wear it onstage!

Idea #2: Borrow from friends and family

If you ask nicely, your sister might let you use her earrings and your best friend might have a costume she wore in her dance recital you can use.  Think about who you know that might be willing to loan you a dress or a top.  Make sure you have their items cleaned and returned in good condition after the pageant and don’t forget a thank you note!

Idea #3: Secondhand Deals

Start with local consignment shops. You can find some great deals on everything from gowns to jewelry.  Spanky’s in Tigard might surprise you with some great business wear and fabulous shoes.

Also subscribe to several FB buy and sell forums. We like Poshmark, Pageant HouseThe Glass Slipper, Crown to Crown , Pageant Dress Resale, and Pageant Resale. (btw, Pageant Resale has an excellent online site that is easier to manage than the FB page)

Idea #4 : Consider a Rental

If you only plan to wear this dress/suit/gown once, why not rent?

Our favorite online sites include, Lending Luxury, Rent the Runway, and JJ’s House.

Do you have a favorite spot for great deals on pageant wardrobe? Share it with us below!